Vacation Dog Boarding

Vacation Dog Boarding

Going out of town on vacation or a business trip? No need to worry! We offer dog boarding in a team member's private home. Prefer that your dog remain in it's own home? We also offer an in-home pet sitting service where your furry friend will be visited three times a day!

With our vacation boarding service your dog will be kept in a large dedicated gated room in a private home, enjoy three potty breaks with playtime in a fenced backyard each day, daily feedings with a fresh bowl of water, and of course, lots of TLC!

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Service Highlights

  • Boarded in a Private Home
  • Large Dedicated Gated Room
  • Main Living Area of Home
  • Large Fenced Backyard and Lawn
  • See Photos Below
  • 3 Potty Breaks & Playtimes
  • Feeding & Fresh Bowl of Water
  • Administer Medicine if Needed
  • Mon-Sun 8:00pm - 8:00pm